To teach surfers the importance of a deep take-off and how to position themselves accordingly.


Ask the surfers to go for a light jog on the beach followed by stretching exercises. Clarify with them the effort expected by the coach and explain the benefits of the training to their surfing performances.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes or for a specific number of waves (between 3-6, depending on the conditions). 
  • Ask the surfers to take off from a deep position on the waves they catch. 

Points are awarded:

  • 3 points - for taking off behind the peak 
  • 2 points - for taking off on the peak
  • 1 point - for taking off on the shoulder


This drill is great for making surfers more committed in the surf.

Ask the surfers when paddling for a peak to paddle into the peak, not to the shoulder.

If surfers take off from a deep position they are faced with a more critical 1st manoeuvre section and this usually makes each subsequent manoeuvre down the line more critical as well.