To teach surfers how to estimate their position in a heat.


Explain to the surfers how you will score their rides.

For example, if they perform one manoeuvre on a wave that will score 2 points, if they perform three manoeuvres they will score 6 points, etc.

Discuss with them what type of score will be enough to get through the heat.


  • Ask the surfers to surf a twenty minute heat. 
  • After 10 minutes they must return to the beach to tell the coach what their score in the heat would approximately be. 
  • From that score they must then tell the coach what they need to advance.
  • For example, to advance they need 14 points, if they have a score of 12 points at the 10 minute mark from two waves [ with a 7 and 5 point rides], they must ride a 7 point wave in the last 10 minutes to get over the 14 point mark.


There are many situations where the surfer cannot hear the scores from the judges.

It may be that the surfers are far out to sea or the wind is howling onshore.

These are the times when the surfer must calculate how well they are going by themselves, and with these calculations, better decisions can be made.

The surfer may not know their exact position in the heat, but keeping a mental record of their rides will give them some idea what they should do in the remainder of the heat.