To teach surfers to work towards goals set before training or competition.


Ask the surfers to study the ocean for 10 minutes.

They are asked to set between one and three goals for the session or heat. These should be written down on paper for later evaluation.


  • Ask the surfers to surf a twenty minute heat and try to achieve the goals decided upon.


Early on, when teaching goal setting to surfers, it is better for the coach to set the goals with the intention of letting the surfer become more responsible for goal selection as the surfer becomes use to goal setting procedures.

The coach may advise the surfer what goals are appropriate for their ability level and the conditions faced on the day.

Examples of goals that a surfer can set include:

  • No. of major manoeuvres per wave
  • No. of set waves they want to catch in a set time
  • No. of successful finishes in a set time
  • Where they want to take off on the peak (shoulder, peak, or behind the

Obviously, novice surfers or surfers who are new trainers in surfing would appropriately set only one goal.

Surfers who are experienced trainers and elite surfers would be encouraged to set a number of goals to work towards to increase the difficulty of the training session.