To perform the best cutbacks a surfer can produce.


Explain the importance of performing quality cutbacks. Demonstrate how to perform a quality cutback and ask the surfers to simulate the action on the beach. Explain how the scoring for this drill is allocated.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes. Ask them to perform the best quality cutbacks they can do on the waves they catch. Score the cutbacks:
  • 3 points for an excellent cutback (surfboard rebounds vertically off the foam rebound)
  • 2 points for an average cutback (surfboard impacts with the foam but not with any height)
  • 1 point for a poor cutback (surfboard “taps the foam” or doesn’t impact with the foam at all)
  • Add the best 4 wave scores for a total. The highest total is the winner of the drill. (For example, a surfer might perform 2 excellent cutback – 3 points each – and 2 poor cutbacks – 2 x 1 point – giving the score for that wave of 8 points.)


Explain to the surfers, if they want to hit the form vertically on cutbacks they must “hold” their crouched body position until they

see the impact point on the foam. A good mnemonic for this is “squat till you spot”, meaning, maintain a crouched body position until sighting the top of the foam.

Just like in the bottom turn drill, the key to success when performing cutbacks isfor the surfer to get into a “set” body position at the start of the cutback. This position is the body position off which maximum power can be created and applied during the manoeuvre.

NOTE: This is a great drill to do when the waves are flat.