To teach surfers to mentally rehearse aspects of their performance before entering the ocean.


Ask the surfers to study the ocean for 10 minutes.

They are asked to picture the manoeuvres that could be possibly performed in the sections observed.

Or they are asked to picture the perfect execution of a target manoeuvre which they are trying to perfect.

Before entering the ocean, get the surfers to close their eyes and mentally see themselves performing the surfing which they would like to perform a number of times.


  • Ask the surfers to surf for a set period of time or for a number of waves. Try to surf the sections or perform the target manoeuvre as they pictured themselves doing on the beach.


When instructing the surfers in how to mentally rehearse, they must be aware that the movement rehearsed should be at the actual speed of the real manoeuvre.

The surfer is rehearsing to improve their performances, and rehearsing in slow motion will do nothing but improve a slow motion version of the target movement.

In addition, real-time simulations of the action are beneficial.

Once the surfer has pictured the movement, get them to get up on their feet and simulate the action on the beach a number of times.

A knowledge of the components that make up a movement, coupled with mental rehearsal and simulations, is the ideal method to improving or changing surfing technique.