To teach surfers how to think so they stay focused throughout their heats.


The surfers should be instructed: “when a surfer experiences success or sees it in his teammates (as in tag team), momentum is created.

Momentum in the surfing context, is something that gives you a sense of movement or force towards your goal.

For example, when a number of waves are ridden radically with success, or the unexpected successful completion of a difficult manoeuvre is performed, a surfer is likely to experience a sense of momentum”.


  • Ask the surfers to surf a twenty minute heat following the strategy outlined below. After the heat, return to the beach and discuss your thinking with the coach.


A strategy a surfer can incorporate into their performances to get momentum is:

  • Try to perform their best manoeuvre on the first wave of the heat.This should create a successful experience and increase the likelihood of momentum being achieved.
  • When paddling back to the peak, the surfer should think positive thoughts about their performance. “that was a great start”, “I’m on track”, “I’d be winning the heat after that wave”, are all examples of positive statements.
  • Additionally, thinking positively about the technical aspects of the ride will also help keep on track. “I centred well on the finish”, “My deep positioning set up a great first move”, for example.
  • Once you have congratulated yourself on your success, you should refocus your attention on the next segment. You get momentum from positive outcomes, but you keep it alive by focusing on the positive performances in the upcoming segments.

This thinking should be performed after every wave.