To teach surfers what to think when there is a “lull” in the sets in a heat situation.


The surfers should be taught that a “lull” in a competitive heat isa time when critical errors can be made by surfers who do not think the correct thoughts.


  • Ask the surfers to surf a twenty minute heat and when a “lull” in the sets occur the surfers are instructed to follow the strategy below.


When a “lull” occurs the surfer should:

  • Check their position in the lineup in relation to landmarks on the beach
  • Go over their plan and evaluate its progress
  • Remind themselves of the key areas they must focus on
  • Ask themselves, “what do I need to do in the next segment?”

If the surfer feels that they are starting to lose focus if the “lull” continues, simply advise the surfer to start the process over again.

This strategy is designed to maintain focus on the process needed to advance into the next round and stop the surfer making poor decisions in this stressful time in competitive heats.