To force surfers to concentrate fully on their surfing and manoeuvres.


Inform the surfers of the importance of concentrating to their success.

Ask the surfers to remove their legropes from the surfboard before they enter the water.


  • Ask the surfers to surf for twenty minutes or a required number of waves.
  • The coach can also set a task for the surfers to attempt to accomplish. 
  • For example, finish all their waves with a successful finish, or, somewhere on the waves they ride they must at least try to perform one vertical re-entry.


This drill is an excellent drill to use in the weeks leading up to an important competition and in small wave conditions.

It forces the surfer to concentrate fully otherwise a swim will eventuate.
Too often surfers rely on their legropes for security.

For example, they may be half way through a manoeuvre and catch a rail.

Instead of correcting their position on the surfboard, some surfers tent to give up and let the legrope save them the swim.

They lose their commitment towards difficult manoeuvres and end up never really perfecting them in all conditions.

It should be noted that most surfers that this author has trained, dislike this drill.

Watch out for surfers surfing with less commitment because of their fear of a swim.

They should be encouraged to surf as well as their current ability allows.