To practice the technique of the 360 turn.


Explain the situations when 360 could be performed. Demonstrate how to perform a quality 360 and ask the surfers to simulate the action on the beach. Explain how the scoring for this drill is allocated.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes. Score each wave normally out of 10 points.
  •  Award 3 bonus points for every successfully completed 360.These additional bonus points are to encourage the surfers to attempt the target manoeuvre.


The 360 turn is one that comes in and out of flavour, and is thought of as a trick.

A full rail 360 though, compared to a sliding 360, is a functional manoeuvre that when performed in a critical section is a highly skilled manoeuvre.

Again, make sure the surfer is of an appropriately skilled level before working on this manoeuvre. The technique for a quality 360 turn is:

  • Perform a bottom turn with the aim of performing a vertical re-entry, but continue to lean towards the foam
  • At the apex, you can grab and pull the rail of the surfboard to help the turning process. The main aim is to point the surfboard directly towards the beach when it has finished its rotation.
  • As you descend keep low with your chest over your front knee