To perform the best quality bottom turns that the surfer can produce.


Explain to the surfers the importance of performing quality bottom turns. Demonstrate how to perform a quality bottom turn and ask the surfers to simulate the action on the beach. Explain how the scoring for this drill is allocated.


Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes. Ask them to perform the best quality bottom turns they can do on the waves they catch. Score the bottom turns:

  • 3 points for an excellent bottom turn (good lean, hand touching the wave face, flexed body)
  • 2 points for an average bottom turn (good lean, straight body)
  • 1 point or a poor bottom turn (poor lean, straight body)

Add the best 4 wave scores for a total. The highest total is the winner of the drill. (For example, a surfer might perform 2x excellent bottom turns – 3 points each –and 2 poor bottom turns – 2 x 1 point – giving the score for that wave of 8 points.)


Explain to the surfers, whenever they want to hit the lip or perform a committed manoeuvre off the top of waves, they should always perform a quality bottom turn.

The key to a quality bottom turn is for surfers to assume a “set position” as they begin the turn, both forehand and backhand. This position is the body position off which maximum power can be created and applied during the manoeuvre.

NOTE: This drill is not suitable for weak and flat surf conditions.