Because of the types of waves you generally find yourself surfing as a longboarder (usually small, clean, soft peeling waves) there a a couple of different pop up techniques that you can use.

Lets take a look at the different variations and which you should use, when and why.


The two different types of pop up variations are as follows:


WHEN: Used in steeper waves, or for popping up super fast.

WHY: The Pro-Pop will get you up to your feet in the quickest time possible.


WHEN: Used in soft, not very steep waves.

WHY: The push-up can help to delay your take off, set your board on it's line, and it just looks damn cool too.


The Pro-Pop is the technique used by elite surfers to get to go from the prone position (lying down) to their feet as quickly as possible. 

Unlike many of the other pop-up techniques that are more of a broken down, staggered climb to the feet, the pro-pop method is an explosive burst of energy taking the surfer from their belly to their feet in one single motion.

It’s the most effective technique to be able to get to your feet quickly when surfing unbroken waves, but, it's also the most difficult.  So don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get it straight away, but this technique is where you want to be headed long term that's for sure.


The Pro-Pop is the fastest way to go from prone position to your feet. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • It allows you to pop to your feet right at the top of the wave where it's safest without going down the face on your belly.
  • Minimises any loss of speed during the pop-up process.
  • Allows you to catch steeper green waves, and stick them more often.
  • Help you to set your line earlier in the wave face to reduce the steepness of the wave, and help you make bigger sections more often.


  • Come onto your board or if you prefer draw a surfboard in the sand.
  • Place your hands on the deck of the board - near your pectorals (chicken wing position). 
  • Toes are up, not touching the board.  This is important as at no point do your toes touch the board during this pop-up process.
  • Push up using your arms and lift your chest, peel away your thighs off the deck, arch your back backwards and bump off your knees
  • Plant your back foot first, and swing your front foot through your hands as you simultaneously release them.  Keep your bum low as you do this.
  • Rise up into the standing position, swing your arms out in front of you and you're now ready to go!


The push up method is for the student who has the strength and flexibility to be able to do a push up. 

This type of pop up method can be great when surfing longer boards.

  • Come onto your board as we did when we were practising the prone technique.
  • Begin your paddling. Remember, once the wave has collected you, you still need to paddle an extra three strokes to be sure. 
  • Once you feel the wave has collected you, place your hands near the pectorals (chicken wing position).
  • Place your toes on your board near the tail (in a push up position). 
  • From here push up in one continuous movement.
  • Lock your back foot in first at 90 degrees and step forward and place your front foot at 45 degrees between your two hands - simultaneously lifting your hands off the board as you step through. 
  • Place your arms either side of the body and look forward at all times.


The pop up method you'll use will depend on the type of wave you're surfing, but having both of these in your repertoire will mean you've got all conditions and all types of waves catered for.