A backhand snap is a short, hard, sharp turn around 90 degrees.

It is like a re-entry but with less follow through coming out of this turn.


Step 1: Sit deep into your bottom turn, staying low and compact. Look up at the wave face to anticipate when you are going to execute your maneuver.

Step 2: Get your back foot as far back as you can so you can control the rotation

Step 3: Shift your weight onto your front foot, bend your back leg and place your right arm back near your bum with your palm facing upwards and begin to look up at the lip

Step 4: As you rotate your torso towards the direction of the nose of your board, shift your weight back to the heels on the inside rail and begin to apply more pressure to your back foot

Step 5: Look up at the lip as you extend your legs through the bottom turn and bring your trailing arm around with you into a T shape position

Step 6: Continue to put your weight on your back foot and allow your front foot to steer the board

Step 7: When you have fully extended your body begin turning by shift your weight from heel side to toe side rail

Step 8: Swing your shoulders, torso, and head towards the bottom of the wave

Step 9: Shift your weight onto your front foot, stay low and compressed and lean with your chest over the center of your board



You would perform a snap to stay near the highest power of the wave (curling lip) whilst at the same time maintaining your speed and power.

A snap only momentarily slows your progress on the wave. This ensures you do not get left behind the breaking curl or lose too much speed.

A snap is also a good maneuver to set up for a tube section or a little lip cover (instead of a stall).


a) ACTION: Use too much force on the open face or lip of the wave.

RESULT: The fins and tail of your board can break out of the wave face or lip. This can put you into a tailslide.

CORRECTION: Control the amount of forceful pressure out through your back foot. If you start to tail slide, try to keep balanced over your board and go with it.


Ex WQS warrior, and all-round frother - Loz is the technical coaching queen at the House of Surf.

She is also a mindset and life coach and has a habit of living in her van way too much. 

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