Not everybody has the opportunity to surf daily or even regularly.

The modern life seems to have an ever-increasing demand for human productivity, time, and subsequently, our freedom.

Work commitments, fickle surf conditions, and geographical choices can see our water time cut in half immediately.

Gone are the days where the internal surf bum hangs at the beach, jumping in and out of the water all day long with their buddies.

Surfing’s popularity is soaring and with the introduction of wave pools, we’re going to see its relevance explode.

No longer will this new breed of city surfer have to wait for their twice-yearly visit to the coast.

They’ll have perfect waves sitting on their doorstep. This is the future. But the keyword is future because we’re not there yet.

Until that day comes where wave pools are common in every major metropolis, city surfers need a way to keep their surfing at a high level so the next time they hit the water, they’re killing it not kooking it.

Obviously, there’s nothing better for your surfing than surfing itself.

This is virtually impossible to replicate. Swimming, yoga, and skateboarding are all great tools.

But none of them quite replicate the sensations, the challenges, and balance required of riding an actual wave.

The only thing that comes close to replicating these moving parts is the balance board, which is an absolute must if you don’t surf regularly. It’s a great way to mimic the balance, coordination, and timing needed for surfing a wave.

Here’s how a balance board will help your surfing:

-Strengthens legs to help create more drive in your surfing.

  • Improves balance.
  • Stretches and strengthens the synergistic muscles to prevent injuries.
  • Builds core strength.
  • Creates muscle memory.
  • You can work out with limited space.
  • Replicates surf-style weight distribution.
  • It’s an epic cross trainer.
  • It’s great for visualizing turns.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Surfing is so freaking hard to master and repetition is the gateway to mastery.

Talk soon,


If you want some Indo board training exercises to keep you on the right track, download this FREE workout PDF to get you started.


Ex WQS warrior, and all-round frother - Loz is the technical coaching queen at the House of Surf.

She is also a mindset and life coach and has a habit of living in her van way too much. 

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