The pigdog is a specialized manoeuvre that helps you tuck into the small eye of a tubing wave while riding on your backhand.

It also gives you more control and stability because you are holding the outer rail of the board back towards the face of the wave.


Step1: Get into a crouching position, riding on your backhand. Twist your upper body forward slightly toward the nose of your board and wave face.

As you twist grab your rail between your feet. At the same time, your back knee will move forward and down almost onto the deck, near your outside rail.

Step 2. Your upper body and head should be aligned along the stringer of your board with your focus ahead, straight out of the tube.

Step 3. Allow your front arm to trail back upon the face of the tubing wave above and behind your body. This arm can be used to stall if required and also to provide some balance from the wave.

Step 4. Keep eyes focused on the exit.


  1. Hollow waves, backhand waves only
  2. Tuck up into a backhand tube, by dragging your leading arm back into the waves face
  3. For stability/ control in backhand tubes. By holding the outer rail with you trailing arm on the rail near your front foot


a) ACTION: You might drag your arm too much in the face of the wave

RESULTStalling yourself too far back up into the tube, resulting in getting wiped out

CORRECTION: Don’t drag your arm too much on/in the tube. Release your arm stalling action sooner

b) ACTION: Don’t grab your outer rail with your leading hand

RESULT: You will probably get pitched over with the peeling lip as you will not be twisting correctly into the tube

CORRECTION: Twist your upper body/ head forward in alignment with the stinger of your board and hold onto your outer rail near your front foot

c) ACTION: The wave breaks too fast

RESULT: Tube shuts down on you

CORRECTION: Try again! Or try busting out through the lip onto the open water (waves under 5 foot only)


Practice the pigdog at home. It is an unusual body stance sp practicing at home allows you to become familiar with the pigdog stance.

Crouch down, twist your upper body forwards along the wall with your other arm on the ground near your front foot (as if you are holding rail of the surfboard). Your inner arm trailing back behind you with your palm flat on the wall behind you back.


Ex WQS warrior, and all-round frother - Loz is the technical coaching queen at the House of Surf.

She is also a mindset and life coach and has a habit of living in her van way too much. 

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