To evaluate the percentage of good and bad waves caught by the surfer. To let the surfers have an understanding of their normal selection skills.


Ask the surfers to go for a light jog on the beach followed by stretching exercises.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 40-60 minutes.
  • Ask the surfer to just go surfing.
  • Do not tell them that you will be evaluating their wave selection. 
  • The coach should simply count the number of waves ridden and sort them into 3 categories. Good, average, and bad waves. 
  • At the end of the drill, calculate a percentage for the three different categories.


The calculated percentages obtained are useful to the coach to get a picture of the wave selection skills of the surfers.

By not telling the surfers that you will be evaluating them, you will obtain a true reading of a surfer’s normal selection decisions.

Waves should not only be judged by what the surfer does on them, but also the potential that the wave offers to the surfer.