To teach surfers to attack every manoeuvre with the same intensity/commitment.


Ask the surfers to go for a light jog on the beach followed by stretching exercises.

Clarify with them the effort expected by the coach and explain the benefits of the training to their surfing performances.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes or for a specific number of waves (between 3-6, depending on the conditions).
  • Ask the surfers to perform a“Halo” manoeuvre then follow this up with equally committed manoeuvres for the duration of their rides.
  • Score waves by assessing the combination of committed turns.
  • If a surfer attacks for the wave’s duration, then they are scored 3 points. 2 points for attacking most sections. 1 point for displaying little commitment.


The approach of surfing a wave by performing major manoeuvres of equal quality will give a surfer a winning surfing style.

Too often a surfer will perform a big manoeuvre then follow this up with half, sometimes less committed moves as they surf down the line.

Ask the surfer to allocate a points value (in their mind) for the quality of their first manoeuvre, then try to match or better that score for each subsequent manoeuvre as they surf down the line.

For example, a surfer might consider their 1st manoeuvre would be worth 7 out of 10 points.

The object is to score 7’s or better for the remaining manoeuvres on that wave.