To train the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems and the muscles involved in the hard paddle to catch a quick wave at the start of a competitive heat and between waves.


Ask the surfers to go for a light jog on the beach followed by whole-body dynamic stretches. Clarify with them the effort expected by the coach and explain the benefits of the training to their surfing performances.


  • The surfer is asked to start from the beach with the object of the drill being to catch a wave from out the back and ride it back to the beach, and finish at the starting point within the three minute period. In larger and more powerful surf –the coach may extend this to a five minute drill to give the surfers a chance to paddle out and catch a wave in the time allowed.
  • The wave is judged normally. Rest three minutes, before commencing the next repeat. Repeat the drill 5-10 times depending on the fitness level of the surfers and the stage of training.


Besides the fitness aims of the drill, the coach can ask the surfer to try and perform a certain task on the wave they catch.

For example, perform a particular manoeuvre, or try to perform a set number of manoeuvres.