To practice and test the psychological skills that a surfer can use.


Talk to the surfers about the aims of this circuit and encourage them to perform each section as well as possible.


  • Ask surfers to perform the various drills as outlined on the following page.


Psychological skills just like physical skills need to be practiced to make them a permanent part of a surfer’s performance.

Too often a surfer will learn a psychological tool and take it into the competitive arena without it being fully learnt.

As is the case in many instances, the surfer finds that the tool doesn’t work on that occasion and dismisses it importance and effectiveness prematurely.

The circuit on the following page has been designed to hone and evaluate a surfer’s psychological skills in a non-threatening environment.

It is an opportunity for the surfer and coach to experiment, and gain confidence in the routine use of these skills.

Description of Drill

Object of Drill

1. Pre-training goal setting

To practice using goal setting To gain more from training

2. Stretching

[using a relaxation technique]

Practice using a calming technique To improve the effect of stretching

3. Catch 3 waves in 10 minutes

Ride wave 1 with speed Ride wave 2 – top-to-bottom Ride wave 3 – Halo start

To focus on the important variables that judges score highly

4. Surf a 20 minute heat

– set performance goals

To highlight the use of performance goals over outcome goals

5. Perform 5 x 50 metre sprints then catch 2x quality waves in 8 minutes

To practice wave selection under fatigue conditions

6. Visualising the “perfect move” then achieving this on 3 waves

To highlight and practice rehearsal skills

7. Review the session

To discuss the merits of the drills and the application of mental skills to future training sessions