To simulate the whole competitive process.


Talk to the surfers about the importance of having a consistent preparation to heats.

Encourage them to act as if they are actually about to compete in an important competitive heat.


  • Give the surfers a time when the simulated heat will start.
  • Allow time for the surfers to go for a free surf, perform the pre-heat routine, and to plan the heat. 
  • Surf the heat as per the strategy decided upon, and evaluate the heat after its finish.


The coach should be attempting to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Take notes on how each surfer executes each section.

If an important contest is scheduled on an upcoming weekend, at training on the weekend before, the coach can say to his/her surfers, “at 9am your 1st heat will enter the water, at 1pm your semi will begin, and at 3:30pm the final enters the water.” 

The surfers can prepare and surf the heats as if they were at the actual even on the following weekend.

If you like, these simulated heats are a “dry run”to ascertain the surfer’s focus and preparedness.