To teach surfers to set goals for the different segments of a heat.


Ask the surfers to study the ocean for 10 minutes.

They are asked to set goals for the 1st five minutes, the middle ten minutes, and the last five minutes of a twenty minute period.

These should be written down on paper for later evaluation.


  • Ask the surfers to surf a twenty minute heat and try to achieve the goals set for each segment.


Segmenting the heat in the surfers mind can be very beneficial to their concentration throughout the heat.

In addition, if goals are set and achieved, this can enhance the surfer’s sense of success which in turn has a positive effect on their momentum throughout the heat.

They are achieving their goals so they are on track towards a good performance.

An example of this segmentation could be:

  • 1st 5 minutes// catch a set wave perform 3 major manoeuvres finish successfully with a controlled flick-out paddle with 90% effort back to the peak 
  • 5 minutes to 15 minutes// catch 3 more 3 manoeuvre waves. Perform a “halo” move on each wave, finish successfully with a controlled flick-out keep checking landmarks
  • Last 5 minutes// wait for a 4 manoeuvre wave. 1st two moves are different finish with a controlled flick-out