To develop all facets of a surfer’s fitness especially leading up to an important competition.


Go for a light jog on the beach followed by whole-body dynamic stretches, or have the surfers go for a short 20 minute surf to loosen themselves ready for a hard effort.


  • The surfers are asked to start on the beach and race out to the back of the break. There they must catch a wave and ride it to shore. They must return to the beach and run around the starting point before paddling back to the peak. After every wave they return to the beach and run around the starting point.
  • This drill’s duration is between 20 – 30 minutes depending on a surfer’s level ofcompetition - to simulate a competitive heat situation. If a surfer falls off at take- off they still must return to shore for the beach run. Rest 10 minutes. Repeat the drill 1-3 times depending on the fitness of the surfer. Score the waves normally.


This drill simulates the competitive heats where a surfer must run along the beach after completing a ride to an easier access point, because large surf or strong sweeps make it difficult to paddle back to the peak.

It is especially relevant and very specific training in the weeks leading up to an important competition.