To perform the best re-entries a surfer can produce.


Explain the importance of performing quality re-entries. Demonstrate how to perform a quality re-entry and ask the surfers to simulate the action on the beach. Explain how the scoring for this drill is allocated.


  • Send the surfers out into the surf for 20 minutes. Ask them to perform the best quality re-entries they can do on the waves they catch. Score the re-entries:
  • 3 points for an excellent re-entry (surfboard is vertical as it impacts the lip)2 points for an average re-entry (surfboard has an angle pointing down the line as it impacts the lip)
  • 1 point for a poor re-entry (surfboard doesn’t impact with the lipwith little power and verticalness. This type of re-entry is characterised by thesurfer getting momentarily “caught” as they come off the top of the wave )
  • Add the best 4 wave scores for a total. The highest total is the winner of the drill. (For example, a surfer might perform 2 excellent re-entries – 3 points each – and 2 poor re-entries – 2 x 1 point – giving the score for that wave of 8 points.)


Explain to the surfers, whenever they want to hit the lip, always setup the move by performing a quality bottom turn.

The keys to a successful re-entry is for the surfer to rotate their head and shoulders away from the lip before impact, and to hit the lip high enough so thatthe surfer’s front foot is above the lip at the apex of the turn.

NOTE: This drill is not suitable for weak and flat surf conditions.